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House / Garden Shed Pentagram Protection Hanging Charm

House / Garden Shed Pentagram Protection Hanging Charm

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Hand made pentagram protection charm for your door, garden shed, or anywhere you would like to hang to block negativity and other bad vibes from entering your space.  Made with intention and from mostly Elm wood trees from my home that I have long collected and dried outside.  They are all different but generally measure 12 x 12" and have a wire on the back for hanging.

They come with a small sachet of herbs known for their protective and purification qualities that includes cinnamon, clove, lavender, rose and rosemary, a pinch of salt and a protective chant on a small card.

These can be hung on or above your door or shed or inside your home and would make a wonderful house warming gift.

We believe that every living thing on this earth has a purpose, we believe in handcrafting and honouring hand crafted items, in revering the past including items from the past.  We believe that if you protect nature, it will protect you and that everyone's home, no matter how humble, should be their sanctuary.  

The meaning of our Pentagram Charm:

The Elm tree balances mind and heart and attracts and protects love.  It is "the arbitrator that listens without judgement".  It is said to be popular with elves and connected deities are Odin (wisdom, creation, the Raven and Saturn) and Orpheus.  We lost 3 of our elm trees in an ice storm but still have one beautiful tree going strong.  She would be about 70 years old now.  We only use fallen twigs and branches from this beautiful tree.

Rose: healing, divination, tranquility, harmony, protection.  Petals from our own garden.

Rosemary:  protection, wisdom and healing.  Grown in our own garden.

Clove:  protection and purification.  turns away negativity

Cinnamon:  success, protection and purity

Dragon's blood: protection and purification

Lavender:  peace, harmony, love and purification.  Grown in our own garden.

 Thank you for looking and please ask any question....I will be happy to answer.

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