Beauty Should be Healthy, not Expensive

We know that selling natural body products alongside repurposed items seems a little unorthodox, but we believe that there is a method to our madness. Read on to find out more about our shop and the innovative and sustainable packaging we use for our products.

  • Plastic Free Packaging

    We use off the wall sustainable packaging for all our products....from take out soup containers for our bath salts to recycled paper to wrap our soaps in.

  • Cruelty Free

    Not only do we not use any animal tested ingredients, we are also phasing out natural micas which are often mined by children.

  • Plant Based Ingredients

    We love our botannicals and grow many ourselves. Colouring our products with things like wheatgrass and turmeric is a must for us.

  • Giving Back to the Community

    We often donate items to seniors homes and animal shelters and participate in neighbourhood clean ups and other community events.

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1 Tree is Planted for Every Order Above $10

Why Trees ? Trees are the most cost-effective and efficient carbon removal technology that we have. Our forests today remove 1/3rd of all fossil fuel emissions, but we are losing our forests to wildfires and human-driven deforestation. Together, we can work to reforest the earth and restore our ecosystems.

Saying No To Plastic

If our packaging looks rustic and handmade that's because it is! We share the concern about the huge amount of single use plastics clogging up our oceans and landfills, and have launched ourselves on a mission to find ways to package our bath and body products using paperboard and metal containers and printing our own labels on recyclable paper.

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It's About Choice

When you think about healthy choices, less waste,  and a new focus on how much we have become a throw away society and the environmental hazards involved in this, it makes perfect sense having such a diverse line of products in one shop.

Making natural soaps and body products by hand and using recyclable and/or biodegradable  packaging  lets us cut down on bad chemicals we are putting on our skin and the plastics going into our landfills and oceans.

When we buy vintage or repurposed items it also cuts down on waste in our landfills 

We hope you never stop being curious.

  • Shop hand milled soaps with natural botanicals.

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  • Keeping Up with the Jones'...nope. Shop vintage products!

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  • Hand Made -A Lost Art? Shop handmade items

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