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Victorian Handmade Rag Wreath, Blue Theme

Victorian Handmade Rag Wreath, Blue Theme

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I make these wreaths using recycled fabric and ripping the fabric into strips, by hand, in the old fashioned way.  My goal is to keep as many things out of the landfills that I can.....reuse, recycle!

And because I use upcycled materials, all my wreaths are one of a kind.  A conversation piece for sure for your upcycled home decor or statement front door wreath!

This is the 16" size and it is made from upcycled clothing.  The overall colour scheme of this one is blue  with lots of patterned materials of blue, cream, a bit of red plaid and some baby blue velour material.

I use a fabric spray that I make myself to help stiffen the material and cut down on fraying so fabric is slightly stiffened.

I hope you love these wreaths as much as I love making them!

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