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 Sammy Walnutts Shop is a small family run on line store based in Toronto.  We are absolutely passionate about – natural products, vintage items, nature, wildlife, history and making things by hand.  We are always researching and learning new ways to package our hand made products sustainably, and searching out the best cruelty free and earth friendly ingredients for each product. 

Our goal is to remain a small business with loyal customers who have the same values that we do.  We do not want to become a large conglomerate company because that would involve adding preservatives to our products, using external distribution centers, as well as conforming to the current unhealthy supply chain thus, we are quite content to stick with our values and remain small.  Growing many of our own botanicals also ensures there are no unwanted chemicals in them.

We value the old ways of “making up” and “making do” which are better for the soul and the planet.

"Our goal is to retain our integrity by remaining a small, family run company with loyal customers who share the same values that we do."

Sammy, Founder

Our Founder

I created Sammy Walnutts Shop to pursue two of my biggest passions - making things by hand the old fashioned way, and giving items a second life to keep them out of landfills. There is nothing better than putting something on your skin that you know is healthy, you know where it came from, and you know what's in it.

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Our Family

Our family and friends are the backbone of our business. From being our testers to giving great advice they are always there to help.

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Where Our Botanicals Come From

We try to grow many of our herbs and plants ourselves like lavender, bee balm, comfrey and rue among many others. And since we are phasing micas out of our products, we also grow many of our herbal colouring botanicals ourselves like wheatgrass, turmeric, beetjuice and indigo.

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  • Our Plant a Tree Initiative

    A tree will be planted for every $10.00 spent in our shop. Why Trees ? Trees are the most cost-effective and efficient carbon removal technology that we have. Our forests today remove 1/3rd of all fossil fuel emissions, but we are losing our forests to wildfires and human-driven deforestation. Together, we can work to reforest the earth and restore our ecosystems.

  • Community

    We believe in giving back to our community. We participate in green space clean ups, and spearhead drives for our local animal shelters.

"We believe we live in a throw away society and we like to repurpose and reuse anything we can to help lessen the congestion in our landfills and the plastics in our oceans.  We value the old ways of doing things."

- Sammy, Founder

A One Stop Shop

We decided to build out a one stop shop that embodies our family values and provides our community with hand crafted natural and sustainable products.

Our handmade soaps and body products packaged in recyclable and/or biodegradable  packaging let's us cut down on the bad chemicals we are putting on our skin and the plastics going into our landfills and oceans.

Buying vintage items cuts down on waste and allows you to discover unique pieces made of superior quality or collectors pieces.

And lastly we love to upcycle items that may have ended up in landfills - like our rag wreaths made of textiles.  We believe there is nothing more special than a gift made by hand.

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Please feel free reach out if you have any questions or comments!

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Email: sammywalnutts@outlook.com

Call: 416-670-3808

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