Why is Our Packaging So Weird?

Why is Our Packaging So Weird?

We use off the wall sustainable packaging for all our products....from take out soup containers for our bath salts to recycled paper to wrap our soaps in.  We feel that the  handmade rustic look of our packages and labels fits perfectly with our rustic and handmade products.

Our goal is to be 100% plastic free and to use either compostable or recyclable packaging for every one of our products.  It takes some creative thinking!

  • For instance, our bath salts, tub teas and body butters are packaged in recyclable take out soup containers which we purchase from restaurant supply shops

  • Our gift sets are packaged in paperboard take out salad containers.

  • Our shower steamers are packaged in small kraft boxes with paper cupcake wraps.

  • Our balms are packaged in metal tins that are reusable or recyclable

  • Our soaps are either wrapped in recycled paper, unbleached wax paper or left "naked" with a paper wrap label that we design, print and cut ourselves.

It takes time and a bit of creativity to package our products this way but we feel it is better to take as much time and care with our packaging as we do with our products.  Believe me, it would be so much easier to have a company print all our boxes, bags and labels and use plastic containers but this is not what our little company is about.


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