The Benefits of Yarrow in Skin Care Products

The Benefits of Yarrow in Skin Care Products

As many of our faithful followers know, we grow most of our skin care herbs ourselves.  In fact, we have modelled our medicinal herb garden after the old English Monastery gardens, growing many of the things that would have been grown back in medieval times.  Here's a link for more information on these "infirmary herbal gardens"  What to grow in a medieval herb garden | English Heritage (

Today we are working with our yarrow plants which are in the Aster family.  We dehydrate our plants and store our dried yarrow in glass jars to last the year and we also make yarrow infused oil for our bath products.

Here are some of the benefits of yarrow for the skin:

  • can help hydrate skin and restore skin’s moisture
  • has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to calm and soothe skin 
  • has natural astringent properties, which are known to help with acne prone and oily skin.
  • considered a natural antiseptic, which can help promote healing of cuts.
  • yarrow is excellent at calming irritated and itchy skin.

I'm looking so forward to making a wild rose and yarrow milled soap which is a new product for us.  I'll be putting it up on our website in a few weeks as it will need time to cure.

Stay Curious!


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