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Yoga Mat Lemon and Tea Tree Refresher Spray

Yoga Mat Lemon and Tea Tree Refresher Spray

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Need to freshen up your yoga mat after a work out?  Our refreshing spray is made with the cleansing essential oils of lemon and tea tree in a distilled water base.  Give your mat a spray after a work out and hang to air out.  Also good for wiping down your equipment at the gym.

Each spray comes in an 8 ounce reusable aluminum container with a pump spray and if you are in Toronto you can bring your empty  container back to us for a $2.00 refund or a refill for $10.00.  We are working on a mail in recycling program for customers outside of the GTA but for now, you can always reuse the containers for lotions or soaps etc.,  or pop them into your recycling bin.

 Ingredients: distilled water, lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil



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