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Mixed Media Painting by Joseph Oakley, "Snowy Taiga"

Mixed Media Painting by Joseph Oakley, "Snowy Taiga"

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An original painting by Joseph Oakley.  It's a mix of acrylic paints on a stretched canvas frame.  Signed on the back.  It measures 16 x 12 inches.

This is the artist's vision of part of the great northern Ontario boreal forest at night with a lovely crescent moon shining down on the snow covered trees. 

Boreal forests are also known as "Taigas".  Ontario’s boreal forest is the largest forest region in Ontario and Canada. With an area of 50 million hectares, the boreal forest contains two-thirds of Ontario’s forest. It extends from the northern limits of the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence forest to the Hudson Bay Lowlands.

Joseph Oakley is a painter, sculptor and has also done masks and costumes for movies.

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