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Vintage - Peter Max Collector's Magazine, 1970, #1

Vintage - Peter Max Collector's Magazine, 1970, #1

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New York: Peter-Lee, 1970.

This was the first issue of the Peter Max Magazine. Subjects covered include Inner and Outer Space, Infinity and Eternity, Mind and Body and soul, Games and Laughter, Peace and Love and Joy, Astrology and Karma, The Artists View, and Ancient Wisdom. There is an article on the artist's life, and a comic strip with characters similar to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. The ad on the back advertises Swiss Mixed Cereal with a Peter Max design on the box. There are sections on the Zodiac, exercise, recipes etc.  The magazine has some glossy and some pulp pages of different hues, 9 x 12 inches, 74 pages.  It's in pretty good condition but the cover has come loose and it has some small tears as shown in the pictures.  I love the artwork in this magazine and it's pretty rare.

I'm honoured to have researched this magazine and found out more about this amazing human being.  At 83 or thereabouts his principles and ethics fit right in with what is happening in our world today.  Here is his bio if you want to know more about the man:

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